woensdag 16 februari 2011


Like I may have said before, I moved to Amsterdam (wuhuuu!) and I have started with my internship at 10Feet (Join them on facebook and follow their blog!!) .. But because of that I am so busy, and my blog feels more obligatory to me than it is fun.. So during my internship time, there will not be many posts.. Sometimes when I have time to shoot outfitpictures or I see something interesting that I want to share, I will ofcourse.. But it there will not be daily posts anymore.. Hopefully you can understand hihi.

I posted some pictures I just loooove! On my laptop I have sooo many beautiful fashion pictures and these were a few of them.. Because of the fact that I have them on my computer, I do not have any sources..
See you soon lovelies!!

xoxo Femke.

zaterdag 5 februari 2011

050211 - Karen by Simonsen

All of you know that I have been to Denmark, so it is no suprise that I am following the Copenhagen fashion week.. I really don't like being back in Holland again (haha), because my class was going to the copenhagen fashion week and the fashion fairs.. And if I was still at school, I also was joining them!! Soo, that is a pity.. Otherwise I would have been at the CIFW right now! But ok.. Maybe some other day in the future! For now, I will look at the pictures on the internet..
And when I saw this collection of Karen by Simonsen, I liked it.. The fabrics, the colors.. Haha, I now, it is only black and some grey, but that are my favorite and I like the collection..
I will be looking at the other shows from copenhagen fashion week! And maybe post some of it later..

I am very busy with moving to Amsterdam, so I have not much time to take pictures and I am also not wearing very fashionable clothing haha. Just old clothes for painting and so.. So sorry, but the outfit posts will come!!

xoxo Femke.

donderdag 3 februari 2011


Blazer - h&m, white top - COS, denim shorts - vintage
xoxo Femke.

ps.dont I look creepy on the last photo haha!

woensdag 2 februari 2011

020211 - inspiration.

Three totally different outfits, but three times outfits i love!
Sorry for the lack of (outfit)posts, but I am very busy with moving and doing some things in preparation for my internship..

XOXO Femke.

maandag 31 januari 2011


Excuse my lack of posts this last few days.. Like you all may know, I have moved back from Denmark. That was Friday, I had soo much stuff, it didn't even fit in our own car haha. I had to do some stuff in Jessica's car haha! And this weekend I was busy with unpacking (still not ready!!).. Yesterday I went to Amsterdam! Some of you might know that I have a room in Amsterdam! Because I was in Denmark, I hadn't had the chance to get my key.. But yesterday was the day! We also went to Ikea, to look at some beds and other big stuff.. Next weekend I am going to move.. We have to paint the walls again, and than I am ready to move in. Wuhuu! So excited! Really looking forward. Denmark was amazing, but now I am ready to enter a new chapter in my life.. Doing my final internship at 10Feet, living in Amsterdam, meeting new people.. I am ready! And ofcourse I am keeping you posted of all my new adventures hihi :D..

A downside of being back home is that I don't have a photographer anymore.. Jessica always made my pictures, and now I have to do it by myself again.. That's the reason why I haven't got a good picture today haha! I am sorry! Hopefully I can fix a photographer, or make better pictures myself. I'll do my best!

What was I wearing?
Striped top, skinny jeans, black cardigan, hat - h&m .. Shoes - Fotex

xoxo Femke.

donderdag 27 januari 2011


Hello lovelies,
Damn, saying goodbye is SO hard! Today almost everyone left, it is only me, Jessica and Hannah now.. Later this afternoon my parents and Jessica her dad are coming.. Because we are leaving tomorrow! The end of the chapter.. I hate saying goodbye, especially when i have so much fun, like I have/had in Denmark. Never thought that going to Denmark would be so good. I remember in August, how nervous I was to go and how I didn't wanted to go.. So many things have changed in my life since then and so many good (and bad) things have happened, I have changed and people around me changed.. I really loved Denmark and I love all the amazing people I have met here!! This was a lifetime experience and I will never forget it!!

xoxo Femke.

ps. my outfit?
Pied-de-poule cardigan - Gina tricot .. Leather shorts - vintage .. Black top - h&m .. Boots - Fotex .. Cross necklace - fashionology.nl

dinsdag 25 januari 2011


denim blouse - monki .. black jeans - h&m .. flats - zara .. hat - h&m.
xoxo Femke.